Laughland by Ken Byers is the tale of a boy orphaned by war and greed who uses his unique abilities and skills to survive. What education Amos Eliot had as a child came in a machine shop where he could master any machine his small hands could operate. Before his mother’s death she taught him to read. Before his father’s death he taught his son how to make things in the machine shop to kill people. His father sold his creations to assassins.

The boy’s creations earned him the name the Diemaker. He was the most inventive creator of precision murder the world had ever seen. His weapons never missed and they never left collateral damage. His devices stopped appearing as suddenly as they started. The identity of the Diemaker remained a secret. Even from him.

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71D-xtIbnoL._SL1500_All That Glitters: Book Two In The Cloud Quartet (Jun 9, 2014)

How much is your deepest desire worth to you? What will you do to get it? All That Glitters is each of our desires and how remarkable characters answer those questions. The dying billionaire wants to live; the man who has bet his family and last penny wants to find gold, and Dewey Farrell wants the answers to questions he didn’t know he had before he returned to the scene of his youth. Who is his mother – the one he didn’t know he had? Can he love? Or find happiness in a place as odd as Banner County, Oregon? Join the hunt in Book II of The Cloud Quartet.

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final-notice-smallFinal Notice (Jan 25, 2016)

A widow receives the Final Notice the bank is taking her house. It’s her late husband’s fault. He lost their retirement nest egg to a stock scam. Six months later he died. She’s done all she can about him and she’s out of options on the bank. The only thing left for her is to walk into the ocean. On her last walk through town, saying goodbye to all she has known and with her feet firmly pointed at the ocean, she glances into her favorite coffee shop. What she sees changes everything. Fate presents her with a choice. It’s still death, but perhaps not her own.

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The Weight of the Journey

The Weight of the Journey  (Oct 19, 2012)

After twenty-three years away, ex-cop Dewey Farrell returns to the scene of his youth, Banner County, Oregon, to help a childhood friend. When he gets there the friend is dead.  But Dewey’s past isn’t. Questions like who were his parents, and why did the girl he love send him away with orders never to return?  As he searches for answers he’s pulled into the contentious and competing marijuana and gold cultures of the hills where bullets are exchanged faster than dollars. Welcome to Book I of The Cloud Quartet.

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ACE (Apr 17, 2014)

Set in the world of a 1950’s hard-boiled detective story Dan (Ace) Spader confronts questions that are all too familiar. He’s certain he’s chased these bad guys before, maybe through another life which doesn’t sound that dumb because he should have died at the Battle of the Bulge. Yet, here he is. His old partner, Virgil Wozinsky, wants to know why Ace isn’t dead anymore. So does Ace. The deeper into the mystery he goes the greater he sees he’s the man in the middle balancing between good and bad — and between  life and death.

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